Full Threaded Studs

Full threaded stud bolts are also known as threaded rods. They have the threads along the length of their body. Fully threaded body helps it to fix from either end by nuts.

Full thread studs are made by cutting all thread rod to length or roll-threading pitch diameter cut blanks. One important consideration in ordering full useable thread studs is specifying the length. There are two standards. One is measuring the overall length of the part (this is how we typically supply our studs full-form). The other is measuring from the first full-form useable thread on one end to the first full thread on the other. As studs are generally chamfered on both ends, the first-to-first measurement will be 1 to 2 pitches less than the overall. First-to-first measurements are usually specified in high temperature and high pressure applications, particularly where ASTM A193 is specified.
Nickel Systems stocks all thread rod in Hastelloy® C276 (Alloy C276), Carpenter® 20 (Alloy 20), Duplex 2205, 316 Stainless and 18-8 Stainless, which can be cut to length and shipped in short order. We can also supply studs to A193 specs (B8, B8C, B8M, B8R, B8S, B8T), Monel® (Alloy 400, Alloy 500), AL6XN®, Nitronic® (50 and 60) and other non ferrous materials.


  • Cold Forged Fasteners, Hot Forged Fastener, C-Machined Full Threaded Studs Bolts, CNC Machined Full Threaded Studs Bolts, Custom Machined Full Threaded Studs Bolts, Threaded Full Threaded Studs Bolts, Non-Threaded Full Threaded Studs Bolts, Bar Stock Machined Full Threaded Studs Bolts.

Size Range

  • 5/16" - 6" according to ANSI / ASME
  • M8 - M150 according to ISO / DIN
  • Max Length 6000mm


  • Coarse, Fine, UNC, UNF, UN, BSW, Acme Threads with Half Thread, Full Thread & Double End Thread Configuration.


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Dimensional Standards

  • Materials - ASTM / ASME / BSI / ISO / Nace / AFNOR / DIN / AISI
  • Hexagonal Bolts - ANSI B18.2.1, ANSI B18.2.3.1M, DIN 931, DIN 933, BS 1768, UNI 5731, UNI 5737, UNI 5739, ISO 4014, ISO 4017, BS 1769, BS 3692
  • Socket/Slotted Set Screws - DIN 913, DIN 914, DIN 915, DIN 916, DIN 551, DIN 553, DIN 438, BS 4168
  • Socket/Slotted Countersunk Screws - DIN 963, DIN 7991, BS 4168, BS 1981, BS 483, BS 2470
  • Socket Cap Screws - ANSI B18.3, B18.3.1M, DIN 912, DIN 6912, DIN 7984, ANSI B18.3, ISO 4762, UNI 5931, BS 2470, BS 4168
  • Stud Bolts - ASME B18.2.1, DIN 976, DIN 938, DIN 939, DIN 2510, BS 4439, BS 2693, BS4882
  • Nuts - ANSI B18.2.2, ANSI B18.2.4.6M, DIN 934, DIN 936, BS 1768, BS 1769, BS 1083, BS 3692, ISO 4032, ISO 4033, ISO 4035, UNI 5587, UNI 5588, UNI 5589
  • Washers - ASME B18.22.1, ASTM F436, ISO 7089, DIN 125, DIN 9021, BS 4320, BS 3410, DIN 127, BS 4464, BS 1802, UNI 6952
  • Common Grades - SAE J429 Gr 5, SAE J429 Gr 8, ASTM A307 Gr A, ASTM A307 Gr B, ASTM A325 Type 1, ASTM A490 Type 1, ASTM A193 Gr B7, ASTM A193 Gr B7M, ASTM A193 Gr B16, ASTM A193 G B8, ASTM A320 Gr L7, ASTM A193 G B8M, BS 3692 Gr 4.8, BS 3692 8.8, BS 3692 Gr 10.9, BS 3692 12.9, JIS B1188 Class F8T, JIS B1185 Class F10T, SS304, SS316, SS316L, BS EN ISO 3506 A2-50, BS EN ISO 3506 A2-70, BS EN ISO 3506 A2-80, BS EN ISO 3506 A4-50, BS EN ISO 3506 A4-70, BS EN ISO 3506 A4-80