Lock Washer

Split lock washers are made mostly from coils of wire. Lock washers made from coil are subject to high volume production runs. Steel and stainless steel lock washers become work hardened in the manufacturing process and possess more strength and spring than the raw material.
Lock washers made from nickel-based alloys and stainless, other than 18-8 or 316, are generally machined from plate stock. There is not enough demand to make these parts from coil. Washers made from plate are not as strong as those made from coil and cannot be reused.
Nickel Systems maintains an inventory of split lock washers in Hastelloy® (Alloys C276, C22, B2), Carpenter® 20 (Alloy 20), 18-8 and 316 Stainless. Current inventory includes 317L Stainless, K-Monel® (Alloy 500) and AL6XN®. Additionally, we can re-machine certain sizes to produce hi-collar lock washers for use with socket head cap screws.

There are vairous types of Washers viz :

Plain Washers Split Washers Square Washers
Spring Washers Nord Lock Washers Disc Spring Washers
Internal Tooth Washers External Tooth Washers Dock Washers
Ogee Washers Torque Washers Fender Washers
Wave Washers Belleville Washers Hexagonal Washers
Plate Washer Taper Washer Nylon Washer
Serrated Washer Teeth Washer Friction Washer
Tension Disk Washer Flat Washers Split Lock Washers
Finish Washers Flange Finish Washers Special Washers
Lock Washers Beveled Washers Finishing Washers
Bonded Sealing Washers Hillside Washers Conical Washers
Spherical Washers Wave Washers Round-Mall Washers
Saddle Washers SAE Flat Washers USS Flat Washers
Commercial Flat Washers